architect + urban researcher

textile plant
recycling and weaving facility
CBD, Pretoria, SA

The Textile Plant can be seen as a
culmination of the three preceding
third year projects. It draws from: the
subject/body split explored with the
Mudbath; situation-as-programming
and the continuation of an infrastructural
urban surface from the
Feeding Cage and the informal use
of space from the Container Housing.
The building houses the making
of looms and the subsequent weaving
of recycled materials. A continuous
ramp acts as extension of the sidewalk,
where the trolleys/carts of informal
recyclers are pushed or pulled
up into the building. By providing
employment, the building then metaphorically
aids in the weaving of an
urban fabric. Diagrams of exteriority
(from Peter Eisenman) were used for
figuration of the ramp, to create a
certain distance between the author
and his work.

University of Pretoria. BSc Arch. 3d year design studio