architect + urban researcher

container housing
Station Precinct, CBD, Pretoria, SA

Tshwane/Pretoria as a post-apartheid
city is characterized by great
distances between rich and poor and
subsequent urban sprawl. The modern
form of the inner-city is often filled-in
with more informal situations. Many
of its residents ensure their economical
survival by means of informal trade
and services. The notion of in-fill was
applied on three scales to conceptualize
sustainable social housing: Scale
one or urban form as in-fill, where
the city is densified (and commuting
distances shortened) by building
in-between existing buildings; Scale
two, or shipping containers as infill,
where salvaged containers fill-in
a serviced structure; scale three, or
use as in-fill, where users appropriate
these containers with production,
trade, social and dwelling activities.

University of Pretoria. BSc Arch. 3d year design studio